Yoga Coaching

What is Yoga Coaching?

Yoga coaching is different from yoga teaching in that it is more about making lifestyle changes and instilling good habits than the actual mechanics of yoga asana. Yoga coaching is similar to yoga therapy in that yoga therapy often works on lifestyle habits, but yoga coaching does not "prescribe" asana or other yoga tools for specific illnesses or injuries as in yoga therapy. Yoga coaching is also an ongoing relationship that includes accountability and checking in on a regular basis. ("Prescribe" here is not used in a medical sense, but in the sense of offering a suggested practice.)

Yoga coaching takes place over the Internet, the telephone or Skype. Digital coaching takes place entirely through a messaging app, which makes it affordable and does not require appointments.

You can use your yoga coach to help you start and maintain a daily sadhana practice, implement a yogic diet, or incorporate meditation into your life. Your yoga coach can also make suggestions on what types of practice might be good for you, as well as answer questions about your practice.

Yoga Coaching and Spirituality
Using the yoga sutras as a guide for living is a wonderful starting point for yoga coaching. Generally, a plan might entail working on one yama or niyama at a time in an orderly progression. For Christian yogis, the sutras can be worked with in a Christian context, or other spiritual principles can be followed such as the Beatitudes.

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