About Esteem Yoga

Esteem Yoga offers teaching, resources and insights on using yoga as a therapeutic tool for health and well-being. Yoga Therapy is a growing discipline in yoga that utilizes yoga practices such as asana (poses), breathwork and meditation for improved health and well-being. Esteem Yoga offers online courses and virtual consultations worldwide, as well as yoga therapy locally in Austin, Texas.

Yoga therapy is tailored to you and your needs and spiritual background. Esteem Yoga offers yoga therapy services informed by the following branches of thought from three great traditions:

Classical Yoga and Ayurveda
This is the traditional approach to yoga therapy with inspiration from the great medical system of India, Ayurveda.

Medical Qigong
Traditional Chinese Medicine is rooted in Qigong, originally a Taoist energy cultivation practice that has spanned thousands of years. Qigong is the "yoga" of Asia.

Christian Mysticism
For Christians who would prefer a Christian approach to yoga therapy, or non-Christians who would like to experience the beauty of Western contemplative practices in the context of yoga. 

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